Luminarie Designs Art Glass & Gallery was originally established in Edmonds, WA just outside of Seattle as a full service Stained Glass facility offering art glass supplies and classes as well as custom doors, windows and cabinetry.

In the fall of 2001 Jim Anderson of Toyo International, former President of the American Glass Association, stopped by to introduce himself. At the time, we were working on a large custom window using one of our Peel & Stick Glass Patterns™ which was hanging on the wall for easy access. We had developed the precut, self-adhesive patterns as our way of reducing the production time of our own custom Art Glass for home owners, architects and builders. We were soon to discover, as many have since, our patterns not only improved our production time, they reduced our costs, and also resulted in superior fit and smoother lead lines which improved the quality of our work! Our rewards did not stop there.

Jim was so impressed with what he saw he immediately started spreading the word, and we began to receive calls from some very interested members of the glass community.

We were then persuaded to take our Peel & Stick Stained Glass Patterns™ to the next trade show, and in March of 2002 we were honored with the American Glass Association's "People's Choice Award for Best New Product of the Year!" This event led to industry requests for a retail line of Peel and Stick Glass Patterns which we first released in September of that year.

Peel & Stick Stained Glass Patterns™ are now available through Retail Glass Shops across the the United States, and enjoyed by a growing number of professionals and hobbyists alike, while we are continuously rewarded with comments like...

People's Choice Award for Best New Product of the Year!
Our sincerest thanks to you all for your support, your input and your enthusiasm!
We look forward to continuing to help you fulfill your visions in glass.

A very special thanks to Carol & Jim Scace, CKE Publications, Jim Anderson, AGA, Light In Glass Publishing, and Spectrum Glass for their belief in a new idea!
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If you have a pattern you'd like to see added to our Peel & Stick Retail Line, or comments on how we might better assist you, please let us know. We value your feedback.
Luminarie Designs also offers custom stained glass patterns from ideas, photographs and sketches as well as custom sized editions of more than 5,000 stained glass patterns from Publishers like CKE Publications, Wardell Publications, Judy Miller Publications, Light In Glass Publishing and more.
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